What are the top guidelines for corporate blogging success?

guidelines for corporate bloggingBlogging is very different from writing a memo or standard corporate message through a newsletter. It is the best medium to publish relevant information online for millions to see. Nearly all business now understands how useful a corporate blog is to your business. But those who blog following the guidelines for corporate blogging are few. Where do others go wrong?

The lifespan of every online blog is its regular update of vital information. Try to know what your potential customers are searching for to add it in your content before publishing it. With regular post update on your corporate blog, you will notice a spark in conversation among your blog visitors and exiting customers. This remains the best guidelines for corporate blogging that will bring engagement to your blog.

Quality content is written by those who clearly understand and have an interest in writing. Keep the topic fresh at all times; it will increase the rate in which search engine crawl your site. This will make you rank top in search engine.

It is not enough to roll in fresh content, because writing without having people to read your post is time wastage. Learn how to do keyword research, and other on-page SEO techniques are required. Remember your main purpose of blogging is to bring your business to the limelight, so follow these guidelines for corporate blogging.

  • Create a transparent and honest blog

A corporate blog should specify some details as to who created it, what position it stands in the company, and those to engage in the writing its content. Follow the guidelines for corporate blogging to make your business blog hones without copying the work of other bloggers. This will go a long way to damage your firm reputation and some serious sanctions when discovered.

  • Design to achieve goals and retain existing customers

The nature of a corporate blog is to engage existing customers while making efforts to attract potential customers to develop interests in their products and services. The content in a business blog should be written by a team of experienced and skilled bloggers, following the guidelines for corporate blogging. They can add or exchange links from other blogs relating to the blog post they are writing on. While link exchange is beneficial to your blog SEO, you have to be careful not to fall into your competitors trap by linking to their product page. Some can redirect the URL linked to their product page.

  • Seek legal counsel to develop blog policies

The privacy policy of a corporate blog outlines the nature of the information received, and the measures available to safeguard the privacy information collected from existing customers. Seeing the legal function of this page, you should seek a legal counsel in other to conform to the rules and regulations that guilds the information you release on your blog.

  • Acknowledge a mistake

At the early stage of your corporate blog, you are prone to making mistakes. That’s normal. When this happens, don’t try to cover it up, it will be destroying the reputation you maintain for your company. Instead, acknowledge and take responsibility for your mistakes. It will surely take some time for everything to restore to normal. But this will make your customers trust you.

  • Deal with a negative post using facts

Learn to do research and know the position of things, in other to deal with negative impressions and negative post from hidden competitors. Some of these competitors do not follow the guidelines for corporate blogging. They create fake personal blogs to bring down the reputation of their close competitors. If your business blog falls victim, your entire brand will suffer. For this reason, deal with all negative post with adequate facts.

post factsThis will dispel the doubts your customers have towards the products or services you offer. Please try to learn from criticism to know their opinion and seek better ways to improve your company’s product and services.

  • Design your corporate blog according to your usability guidelines

Terms of usage is another relevant page in your corporate blog. When people visit your corporate blog for the first time, they will like to read your usability guidelines, to keep them aware of the opportunity available to them. The information on this page includes the map of the entire blog. Where you can get things done or where to get the exact information they want. For this reason, make sure your business blog is designed in line with the usability guidelines.

  • A well-defined goal

Before you start designing a corporate blog, make sure you have a clear idea on the purpose of the blog, and this idea should follow the guidelines of corporate blogging. Always check if the value you are creating is in line with the purpose it was designed to fulfill. You can still adjust to make them tally.

  • Prepare to talk

As earlier mentioned, blogging has to do with creating value to existing and potential customers. This includes open conversation in your comment session. Get ready to receive enthusiastic praise, insightful asides, well-thought criticism, etc. This is why you should only post comments that are in line with your corporate blog and its content. Having the right policy for your corporate blog ahead of time will save you from heavy criticism and missteps that may likely occur.

Give your blog visitors the free will to comment on their thoughts. But it should be under the guidelines of corporate blogging. Watch out for comments that say genuinely hateful things that can stair up an argument and put them under moderation. Be fair enough to allow people to air their thoughts on little disagreements. You can respond to them privately via their email address. When criticism is neatly ressolveled, it will boost your credibility.

Blogging is subjected to changes, sometimes things work out as planned, and all too often it goes off-plan. Get yourself prepared following the guidelines of corporate blogging and relax knowing your corporate blog will definitely shine through with time.

Let’s hear your opinion on the guidelines of corporate blogging. Leave a reply in our comment session below.

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